Youth Climate Report: The Youth Express

As a part of Youth Climate Report: The Youth Express I managed to talk to: Prof Dr. Nava Raj Devkota, Directorate of Research and Extension, Agriculture and Forestry University, Chitwan; Associate Prof Dr. Shrawan Saha Directorate of Curriculum Development, Agriculture and Forestry University, Chitwan and  Mr Subodh khanal student of Conservation Ecology at Post Graduate Program, IAAS, Tribhuwan University.

Prof. Dr Devkota  also chairs FORWARD Chitwan (NGO) and is involved in various research related to climate change and its impact on livestock, Dr Saha is involved in research on effects of climate change on various aspects of crop production, and Mr khanal is Post Graduate student and has recently concluded his research on climate change and its impact on ecosystem services generated by Bishajari Lake in Chitwan.

Based on the local microclimatic changes, global change in weather conditions and various reports of international agencies, they conclude that climate change is real and is occurring and in recent yrs the affects and consequences are more pronounced than before.

For the adaption measures, using of indigenous knowledge and technologies should be promoted and people should be made aware about the impacts. Also extensive research should be done to develop suitable adaption measures. Practices like sustainable development, green economy are not the complete solutions but can be the part of solution. Emissions of greenhouse gases should be reduced and exploitation of natural resources base should be controlled to preserve biodiversity and thereby increasing resilience of ecosystem. And to slow climate change ad mitigate its impacts we should act now or never….


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